Devlin is accused of being involved in the deaths of Mayor Lowen and Glynn, among others. Prior to the pending investigation, he fires McManus from Em City. Querns replaces Glynn as warden and of course plans to make waves. Brass goes completely nuts and tries to kill Jackson Vayhue (now paroled and playing ball again) after Vayhue snubs him. He's arrested and sent away. Father Mukada learns that Hoyt's rich parents adopted him at birth. Mukada tracks down his mother and they share a loving, tender reunion. As he is also cut off from Cutler's wife, Miguel slips into the seductive arms and drugs of his cellmate, Torquemada. Rebadow and Stella reunite. Pablo stabs another inmate and goes to the Hole (where the poor prisoner is now stripped naked AND held in a restraining chair). Vern is stabbed in the stomach by Beecher. Although Gloria tries to comfort him as best she can, Ryan is barely able to cope without Cyril in his life. Ryan forgives his father for past sins, and they decide to start over. Keller told Beecher that he'd taken care of the Aryans, and those cryptic words come true when a mysterious package arrives at the post office. The contents are a poisonous powder which kills all the Aryans immediately. In Oz's final moments, each section of the prison is evacuated, and every last characters gets on a yellow bus, ready to vanish into TV history.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these poetry...

Auguries of Innocence
written by

This Poem is referred to by Exeunt Omnes part of Oz Season 6
Quoted by Rebadow and the librarian

It refers to these plays...

The Tragedy of Macbeth
composed by William Shakespeare

This Play is referred to by Exeunt Omnes part of Oz Season 6
The prisoners finally perform their play

It refers to these books...

Holy Bible

This Book is referred to by Exeunt Omnes part of Oz Season 6
Psalm 23 is read as Cyril is taken to the electric chair
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Oz Season 6

# Title Air Date
6:1 Dead Man Talking Jan 5, 2003
6:2 See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil Jan 12, 2003
6:3 Sonata da Oz Jan 19, 2003
6:4 A Failure to Communicate Jan 26, 2003
6:5 4giveness Feb 2, 2003
6:6 A Day in the Death... Feb 9, 2003
6:7 Junkyard Dawgs Feb 16, 2003
6:8 Exeunt Omnes Feb 23, 2003