Keller is rejected by Beecher and strikes up an alliance with Schillinger. Idzik is transferred to Em City, where he has an unusual request for Omar. Glynn gets closer to who murdered Mayor Loewen as the feds seem to lose interest. One of the infirmary staff has a suspicious record of deaths. Cutler's widow visits Alvarez again. Redding has a plan to get the homeboys out of bookbinding and back under his control. Cyril's execution is set for today... will he get a reprieve?

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these television series...

I Love Lucy

This Television Series is referred to by A Day in the Death... part of Oz Season 6
Some inmates have joined a rape support group. One says during his attack, he could hear that the CO's were watching 'I Love Lucy' on TV in the office.
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It plays these songs...

Save Me
performed by Joan Armatrading

This Song is played in A Day in the Death... part of Oz Season 6
This song plays as Cyril is strapped into the electric chair, and as Ryan walks through the maze in the gym.

It refers to these books...

Holy Bible

This Book is referred to by A Day in the Death... part of Oz Season 6
Father Mukada recites Psalm 23 as Cyril is walked out of his cell to the electric chair.
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Oz Season 6

# Title Air Date
6:1 Dead Man Talking Jan 5, 2003
6:2 See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil Jan 12, 2003
6:3 Sonata da Oz Jan 19, 2003
6:4 A Failure to Communicate Jan 26, 2003
6:5 4giveness Feb 2, 2003
6:6 A Day in the Death... Feb 9, 2003
6:7 Junkyard Dawgs Feb 16, 2003
6:8 Exeunt Omnes Feb 23, 2003


Season:  2  / Episode:  8 
A Day in the Death