It is now fall in Minnesota and Cathy has gone through two sets of treatment, to no avail. As her condition looms over her, Marlene's ghost haunts her reminding her of how delicate life is. Paul and Cathy's marriage is seemingly back on track as he waits on her but is hurt when he learns of her kiss with Dr. Todd, leading to an altercation. Cathy reveals her cancer to Rebecca, who tells Sean in an effort to be close to him. Sean is hurt and angry with Cathy for keeping her cancer a secret. Meanwhile, Adam has been seeing a shrink but simply wishes to be with his friends. Cathy and Paul then seek out the help of Dr. Atticus Sherman, whom they are told has had success curing people with Cathy's advanced stage of cancer.

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The Big C Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Big C
2:1 Losing Patients Jun 27, 2011
2:2 Musical Chairs Jul 4, 2011
2:3 Sexual Healing Jul 11, 2011
2:4 Boo! Jul 18, 2011
2:5 Cats and Dogs Jul 25, 2011
2:6 The Little c Aug 1, 2011
2:7 Goldilocks and the Bears Aug 8, 2011
2:8 The Last Thanksgiving Aug 15, 2011
2:9 A Little Death Aug 22, 2011
2:10 How Do You Feel? Aug 29, 2011
2:11 Fight or Flight Sep 12, 2011
2:12 The Darkest Day Sep 19, 2011
2:13 Crossing the Line Sep 26, 2011