Cathy decides to run the marathon Lee had been planning to do in his memory. Paul fights with his health insurance provider over a scan for Cathy after quitting work, due to a random drug test. His addiction is exposed. Dr. Todd is revealed to have moved on from his ex-girlfriend and feelings for Cathy. Sean makes up for lost time. Adam and Mia rekindle their relationship after it is revealed he has been sincerely apologizing to her for the way he acted. As Cathy approaches the finish line of her marathon she sees her friends and family (including Marlene and Lee) standing waiting for her; then Adam remarks how Paul isn't yet there. Cathy collapses and begins to sob as she sees Paul's spirit standing with Lee and Marlene. Paul is then shown to have suffered a heart attack, with paramedics racing to revive him.

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The Big C
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2:3 Sexual Healing Jul 11, 2011
2:4 Boo! Jul 18, 2011
2:5 Cats and Dogs Jul 25, 2011
2:6 The Little c Aug 1, 2011
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2:8 The Last Thanksgiving Aug 15, 2011
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2:11 Fight or Flight Sep 12, 2011
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Friday Night Lights:
Season:  1  / Episode:  8 
Crossing the Line