Cathy is asked by Dr. Sherman to attend a university class as a guest but is put off after hearing how cold some of the students are. As they prepare to jet off to Italy, Cathy tries to convince Andrea to call off her engagement and come with them. Paul then learns that despite Myk's declarations of love he is really marrying Andrea for a green card. Adam discovers Poppy has been lying to him about who she is, ending their friendship. Lee calls Cathy to come see him. Upon their reunion he soon dies, devastating Cathy and causing her family to miss their flight. Paul exposes Myk to Andrea who then turns him into the INS. Sean then returns home.

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The Outsiders
written by

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This Book is referred to by The Darkest Day part of The Big C Season 2
Adam gets this for Christmas.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

The Big C Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Big C
2:1 Losing Patients Jun 27, 2011
2:2 Musical Chairs Jul 4, 2011
2:3 Sexual Healing Jul 11, 2011
2:4 Boo! Jul 18, 2011
2:5 Cats and Dogs Jul 25, 2011
2:6 The Little c Aug 1, 2011
2:7 Goldilocks and the Bears Aug 8, 2011
2:8 The Last Thanksgiving Aug 15, 2011
2:9 A Little Death Aug 22, 2011
2:10 How Do You Feel? Aug 29, 2011
2:11 Fight or Flight Sep 12, 2011
2:12 The Darkest Day Sep 19, 2011
2:13 Crossing the Line Sep 26, 2011

Men in Trees:
Season:  1  / Episode:  12 
The Darkest Day