McManus sets some new rules in Em City. Miguel Alvarez is brought back to prison and Guerra targets him. Howell continues to stalk Ryan O'Reilly, Dr. Nathan comes back to learn more about why O'Reilly killed Patrick Keenan. Devlin's inaugurated for a second term in office, Glynn gets a new secretary while he is struggling with a separation; Busmalis proposes to Norma Clarke who shares a secret with Rebadow. Leroy Tidd decides to convert to Islam but Said, who is experiencing sudden urges of rage rejects him. Schillinger finds salvation with former televangelist, Jeremiah Cloutier. Beecher makes Keller jealous by sleeping with new cellmate, Ronald Barlog who Keller knew years ago. Burr Redding takes control of the homeboys, the arrival of Chinese immigrants gives Pancamo and Morales an idea for taking control.

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Up Your Ante

This Television Series is shown on Conversions part of Oz Season 4
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Oz Season 4

# Title Air Date
4:1 A Cock and Balls Story Jul 12, 2000
4:2 Obituaries Jul 19, 2000
4:3 The Bill of Wrongs Jul 26, 2000
4:4 Works of Mercy Aug 2, 2000
4:5 Gray Matter Aug 9, 2000
4:6 A Word to the Wise Aug 16, 2000
4:7 A Town Without Pity Aug 23, 2000
4:8 You Bet Your Life Aug 30, 2000
4:9 Medium Rare Jan 7, 2001
4:10 Conversions Jan 14, 2001
4:11 Revenge is Sweet Jan 21, 2001
4:12 Cuts Like a Knife Jan 28, 2001
4:13 Blizzard of '01 Feb 4, 2001
4:14 Orpheus Descending Feb 11, 2001
4:15 Even the Score Feb 18, 2001
4:16 Famous Last Words Feb 25, 2001


Season:  5  / Episode:  11 
The Conversion