Basil meets an old comrade, Bruno Gergan who threatens to expose his identity, Basil decides to make him his victim with Hill's unexpected help. Word is out on Glynn's brother's sentence but Devlin decides to use this and his daughter's rape to get the upper hand in the election. Querns' attempt at a no violence unit sees him transfer the aryan and biker inmates and make Adebisi, Pancamo, and Morales trustees. O'Reilly meets the person responsible for Dr. Nathan's rape, and he succeeds in getting the cell phone from Stanislofsky. Rebadow starts to become a different man when he asks Morales to kill someone. Beecher and the FBI think that Keller is responsible for kidnapping Beecher's children and his son's death; this causes another riff between Beecher and Keller only to have Schillinger throw everyone off guard, when Mukada tells Schillinger the truth he spares his daughter.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Oz Season 4

# Title Air Date
4:1 A Cock and Balls Story Jul 12, 2000
4:2 Obituaries Jul 19, 2000
4:3 The Bill of Wrongs Jul 26, 2000
4:4 Works of Mercy Aug 2, 2000
4:5 Gray Matter Aug 9, 2000
4:6 A Word to the Wise Aug 16, 2000
4:7 A Town Without Pity Aug 23, 2000
4:8 You Bet Your Life Aug 30, 2000
4:9 Medium Rare Jan 7, 2001
4:10 Conversions Jan 14, 2001
4:11 Revenge is Sweet Jan 21, 2001
4:12 Cuts Like a Knife Jan 28, 2001
4:13 Blizzard of '01 Feb 4, 2001
4:14 Orpheus Descending Feb 11, 2001
4:15 Even the Score Feb 18, 2001
4:16 Famous Last Words Feb 25, 2001


Breaking Bad:
Season:  1  / Episode:  5 
Gray Matter

Gray Matter
performed by Dave Porter

Grey Matter
performed by Mlik+Sizz; features Caleb Minter