After Beecher's children are kidnapped, Schillinger gives Beecher an unexpected package. Basil continues to earn the respect of Adebisi, Pancamo, and Morales when he is ordered the task of murdering someone. Sister Pete gets a visit from the Cardinal who says that he understands why and if she decides to leave the convent. Said's progress with Cramer's trial is uneasy with the Muslim population, after Rebadow says he will go free, Said decides to withdraw but Cramer goes free anyway. The new Em City unit manager, Martin Querns, decides to let Adebisi have his way as long as the violence is kept down. McManus returns and is given the job to run Unit B. Hughes starts a hate campaign against Devlin, which concerns Glynn. As O'Reilly tries to find the missing cell phone, Dr. Nathan accuses him of getting raped. Even though he denies this, he accepts responsibility. Busmalis returns and Rebadow is jealous for him not telling him about his escape. Shirley Bellinger's execution arrives and Mukada, who is wondering who impregnated her finds out a little secret before she's executed.

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