As the search for Alvarez and Busmalis continues, Hernandez has a breakdown of some sorts in which he reveals the truth to Glynn about Hughes giving Adebisi the gun, the arrival of Enrique Morales gets Hernandez replaced quickly. Adebisi gets Said to help with hiring an African-American to run Em City by getting community members to rally his cause of support of Lieutenant Governor. Basil's attempts to get into the drug trade are slim when Adebisi breaks him for good. Cramer's sentence gets overturned. Shirley Bellinger's ex husband visits her after disagreeing about being buried in an unmarked grave only to discover things were not the way they were. O'Reilly and Stanislofsky's alliance seems to go smooth only to see that one is trying to kill the other, an interaction with the Nathans does not go well and O'Reilly feels that he is losing her. Beecher feels some comfort when Keller returns and Schillinger gets a tip about the truth of his son's visit, this makes Schillinger hurt Beecher in a brutal manner.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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Miss Sally's Schoolyard

This Television Series is shown on The Bill of Wrongs part of Oz Season 4
Agamemnon escapes and stalks Miss Sally
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Oz Season 4

# Title Air Date
4:1 A Cock and Balls Story Jul 12, 2000
4:2 Obituaries Jul 19, 2000
4:3 The Bill of Wrongs Jul 26, 2000
4:4 Works of Mercy Aug 2, 2000
4:5 Gray Matter Aug 9, 2000
4:6 A Word to the Wise Aug 16, 2000
4:7 A Town Without Pity Aug 23, 2000
4:8 You Bet Your Life Aug 30, 2000
4:9 Medium Rare Jan 7, 2001
4:10 Conversions Jan 14, 2001
4:11 Revenge is Sweet Jan 21, 2001
4:12 Cuts Like a Knife Jan 28, 2001
4:13 Blizzard of '01 Feb 4, 2001
4:14 Orpheus Descending Feb 11, 2001
4:15 Even the Score Feb 18, 2001
4:16 Famous Last Words Feb 25, 2001