When Carlene takes the GCBs down to unincorporated Juarez for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Condos for Christian Living, the GCBs find themselves in danger, their in the middle of the desert. Meanwhile Amanda's suspicions regarding Luke lead to a surprising discovery about Ripp. Ripp has a secret daughter in Mexico! Masson Massy discovered that Blake is gay (which he is but still wants a child) and Blake and Cricket don't know what to do. At the end, in a bar, Pastor Tudor kisses Amanda.

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GCB Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot Mar 4, 2012
1:2 Hell Hath No Fury Mar 10, 2012
1:3 Love Is Patient Mar 18, 2012
1:4 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Mar 25, 2012
1:5 Forbidden Fruit Apr 1, 2012
1:6 Turn the Other Cheek Apr 8, 2012
1:7 Sex is Divine Apr 8, 2012
1:8 Pride Comes Before a Fall Apr 15, 2012
1:9 Adam & Eve's Rib Apr 29, 2012
1:10 Revelation May 6, 2012

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