The name of the prison changes to Oswald State Correctional facility level 4. Governor Devlin makes a deal with Weigart, a pharmaceutical corporation that is cutting costs to the state prison medical board, this results in Alvarez, who is suicidal in being rejected his medicine and is not being fed for blinding Rivera. Wangler, who dubs himself brickz, takes new inmate Malcolm Coyle under his wing, Nappa who suspects he's undercover, decides to have Wangler prove his loyalty to him. Adebisi is released from the psych ward and decides not to fight back. Clayton Hughes, who is a close friend of Glynn whose father was killed in the line of action, is hired. Another new CO, Claire Howell, sets her sights on McManus. O'Reilly wants to get revenge on Schillinger by causing trouble between him and the bikers. Richie Hanlon is sent to death row and Bellinger finds him intriguing. Said has a meeting Scott Ross' sister in trying to get her to join the lawsuit, in which he starts to show feeling for her. McManus finds out the truth of Metzger and tries to get Beecher to testify on what happened to him, which he declines, Keller starts to feel guilty for his part and wants to prove his love to him so he confesses the truth to McManus and Beecher gets sweet revenge on Metzger.

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Miss Sally's Schoolyard

This Television Series is shown on The Truth and Nothing But... part of Oz Season 3
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Oz Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 The Truth and Nothing But... Jul 14, 1999
3:2 Napoleon's Boney Parts Jul 21, 1999
3:3 Legs Jul 28, 1999
3:4 Unnatural Disasters Aug 4, 1999
3:5 U.S. Mail Aug 11, 1999
3:6 Cruel and Unusual Punishments Aug 18, 1999
3:7 Secret Identities Aug 25, 1999
3:8 Out o' Time Sep 1, 1999