As Alvarez meets Rivera and his wife face to face, Alvarez cannot come to terms of why he did what he did to Rivera. Sister Pete learns that Keller was manipulating her so she could reach Beecher but to no avail, she comes back to feelings that feels she wants to quit the convent. A visit from Carlo's sister, which does not happen, reveals that he will not get no more visits. the COs decide to throw Hughes a birthday celebration, Mukada goes to Glynn and finds out he killed Samuel Hughes, Glynn tells Clayton the whole truth and says that Samuel died at the hands of his stupidity. When Nappa's memoirs are complete, he is given a final last meal. Adebisi makes Wangler confess that McManus sexually molested him and Adebisi goes public with the news, Bellinger, who believes McManus is innocent, tries to get his advice on how she should be executed, who all of a sudden gets a stunning surprise. Adebisi gives Khan a pep talk on fighting his next opponent, in which he is successful. Said tells Beecher that if he wants forgiveness, he should forgive Keller and Schillinger. While he forgives Keller, Schillinger lets him know how he feels.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these books...

In Cold Blood
written by

This Book is referred to by Secret Identities part of Oz Season 3
Nappa has completed his memoir. Ginzberg says that Nappa's story may be the greatest true crime story since 'In Cold Blood'.

It shows these television series...

Miss Sally's Schoolyard

This Television Series is shown on Secret Identities part of Oz Season 3
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