As O'Reilly continues to fix the fights so his brother wins, William Cudney, who has unknowingly been helping him, learns the truth about O'Reilly's actions and when he decides to go to the authorities, O'Reilly hires Kosygin to save him, as O'Reilly puts it. Cyril defeats Pancamo with O'Reilly's help, Stanislofsky is worried about Kosygin's presence so he confesses to Pancamo that it was he who spiked his spritzer with heroine, Kosygin tries to get at Stanislofsky but this ends him up in Solitary for life. As Alvarez prepares to meet Rivera, he sees the deeds of his actions and is crushed. Nappa's new cellmate, Nat Ginzburg, decides to help out in writing his memoirs, Pancamo gets word of this and tries to stop him. Adebisi reveals to Wangler that he has a plan to break McManus and get one of his own kind to run Em City. Hughes thinks about trying for the SORT team while Mukada discovers who killed his father. Beecher, who feels guilty for Andrew's death goes to Said for forgiveness. Khan does not support this and takes leadership of the Muslims.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It shows these television series...

Miss Sally's Schoolyard

This Television Series is shown on Cruel and Unusual Punishments part of Oz Season 3
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It refers to these television series...


This Television Series is referred to by Cruel and Unusual Punishments part of Oz Season 3
Chris mentions the Teletubbies and talks about how Tinky Winky is gay
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Oz Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 The Truth and Nothing But... Jul 14, 1999
3:2 Napoleon's Boney Parts Jul 21, 1999
3:3 Legs Jul 28, 1999
3:4 Unnatural Disasters Aug 4, 1999
3:5 U.S. Mail Aug 11, 1999
3:6 Cruel and Unusual Punishments Aug 18, 1999
3:7 Secret Identities Aug 25, 1999
3:8 Out o' Time Sep 1, 1999