In the final first-round boxing fight, Hamid Khan easily overpowers Kenny Wangler; as a means of revenge, Poet exposes Said's relationship with Patricia Ross, who is getting threatening calls. Adebisi reverts back to his old self and takes over the homeboys following Wangler's return from his wife's funeral and scarring Poet and Pierce. Sister Pete tries to get to the bottom of why Alvarez did what he did to Rivera but cannot confess the truth. McManus tries to recruit Sister Pete, Whittlsey, and Dr. Nathan to be character witnesses at his trial, but Dr. Nathan says she would like to hear Howell's side of the story first. New inmate Yuri Kosygin arrives and Nappa decides to offer his hand in friendship, which he declines, the Sicilians warn his sponsor, Stanislofsky to keep him in line before anything bad will happen. Carlo Ricardo's family visits continue to drop down. Hughes wants to find out who murdered his father. Keller continues to manipulate Sister Pete. Beecher comforts Andrew and helps him get clean; this causes him to turn on his father after Beecher reveals his intentions to him, he tries to save his son by renouncing him.

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