Beecher befriends Schillinger's son as a means to get back at him. Howell sues McManus for sexual harassment and is reinstated. Said cannot fight the feelings that he has for Patricia Ross. Keller manipulates Sister Pete in discovering why she became what she became. Rivera agrees to meet with Alvarez and Alvarez is released from Solitary and participates in the upcoming boxing match against homosexual Jason Cramer, where O'Reilly uses his tricks in letting Cramer win. Hughes tries to earn respect his own way, which costs him his position in Em City and is transferred to the library. Hanlon's murder conviction is overturned and Nikolai Stanislofsky gets revenge but slits the wrong throat. Nappa decides to confess everything he's done in the course of his life. Adebisi recruits the Latinos to try to run with the Sicilians' drug trade. Wangler gets disturbing news that his son may be getting hurt and gets his comrades to take care of the matter.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these books...

Holy Bible

This Book is referred to by Unnatural Disasters part of Oz Season 3
Augustus tells the story of Moses trying to get the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and into the land of milk and honey. He later tells the story of the plagues.
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It shows these television series...

Miss Sally's Schoolyard

This Television Series is shown on Unnatural Disasters part of Oz Season 3
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Oz Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 The Truth and Nothing But... Jul 14, 1999
3:2 Napoleon's Boney Parts Jul 21, 1999
3:3 Legs Jul 28, 1999
3:4 Unnatural Disasters Aug 4, 1999
3:5 U.S. Mail Aug 11, 1999
3:6 Cruel and Unusual Punishments Aug 18, 1999
3:7 Secret Identities Aug 25, 1999
3:8 Out o' Time Sep 1, 1999