Following the suicide attempt by Alvarez, Dr. Nathan decides to expose Garvey, Devlin instead exposes Garvey's past on the condition the Weigart will overlook their policies. Hill is in protective custody confessing in Coyle's murdering a family, Said and other leaders want to protect Hill, but Nappa takes matters in his own hands. Said's efforts to practice his religion takes another turn when he and the other Muslim prisoners goes on hunger strike, McManus and Glynn have no choice but to give in by allowing Said to have food in his cell. After Howell tries to apologize for her actions, McManus wants to break it off with her, after assaulting a prisoner, she is fired. The boxing tournament gets underway with Pancamo and Cyril winning their first matches. Rebadow has diabetes and after he faints he decides to meet his son and grandson whom he has never met before or were aware of his presence. Nappa finds out he is HIV positive and transferred out of Em City. Keller continues to prove his love for Beecher by helping him get revenge on Schillinger when the arrival of a new inmate attracts their attention.

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