The high school program comes to a permanent end after graduation. Poet, whose poetry was published, is released. McManus finds out the truth about Ross' murder. Hill wants to join in with Busmalis' escape. Glynn gives his brother up to stop Schibetta from taking power over him. Beecher and Keller's relationship deepens when Beecher's wife commits suicide. Sister Pete learns that what Giles is saying has something to do with her husband's death. O'Reily wants to prove his love for Dr. Nathan by having his brother kill her husband.

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Oz Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 The Tip Jul 11, 1998
2:2 Ancient Tribes Jul 20, 1998
2:3 Great Men Jul 27, 1998
2:4 Losing Your Appeal Aug 3, 1998
2:5 Family Bizness Aug 10, 1998
2:6 Strange Bedfellows Aug 17, 1998
2:7 Animal Farm Aug 24, 1998
2:8 Escape From Oz Aug 31, 1998