The Aryan brotherhood comes back in full force and makes one of the inmates take responsibility of a murder committed by them. At Hill's hearing, the judge decides there was no misjustice in his conviction. McManus decides to make one of his students, Poet, famous. After O'Reily has surgery, he starts developing feelings for Dr. Nathan. Schibetta decides to get revenge on Adebisi by hiring Alvarez while Adebisi tries to make a deal with Alvarez, who declines. Beecher gets a new cellmate, Chris Keller, who is actually working with Schillinger.

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Oz Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 The Tip Jul 11, 1998
2:2 Ancient Tribes Jul 20, 1998
2:3 Great Men Jul 27, 1998
2:4 Losing Your Appeal Aug 3, 1998
2:5 Family Bizness Aug 10, 1998
2:6 Strange Bedfellows Aug 17, 1998
2:7 Animal Farm Aug 24, 1998
2:8 Escape From Oz Aug 31, 1998

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