Alvarez finds out who raped Glynn's daughter. An elderly inmate, Agamemnon Busmalis, decides to dig his way out of Oz. Kenny Wangler learns to read, but Adebisi makes him stop. Insane inmate William Giles starts talking to Sister Peter Marie in a strange way. Said, who has been reading up on judicial litigation, decides to help Hill. Ryan O'Reily is visited by his mentally-challenged brother Cyril before undergoing breast cancer surgery at the expense of the prison. Meanwhile, Schillinger decides to stop being nice and takes matters into his own hands.

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Oz Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 The Tip Jul 11, 1998
2:2 Ancient Tribes Jul 20, 1998
2:3 Great Men Jul 27, 1998
2:4 Losing Your Appeal Aug 3, 1998
2:5 Family Bizness Aug 10, 1998
2:6 Strange Bedfellows Aug 17, 1998
2:7 Animal Farm Aug 24, 1998
2:8 Escape From Oz Aug 31, 1998