Ten months after the riot, Em City reopens and McManus lays down new ground rules to make everybody's lives better. He starts by making a high school education program. Peter Schibetta, the son of the deceased mob boss Nino Schibetta, decides to find the one responsible for his father's death. He also knows a secret about Glynn. Schillinger is up for parole but Beecher does what he can to stop him. Glynn's daughter is brutally raped and he takes his frustrations out on Alvarez. O'Reily finds out he has breast cancer.

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Oz Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 The Tip Jul 11, 1998
2:2 Ancient Tribes Jul 20, 1998
2:3 Great Men Jul 27, 1998
2:4 Losing Your Appeal Aug 3, 1998
2:5 Family Bizness Aug 10, 1998
2:6 Strange Bedfellows Aug 17, 1998
2:7 Animal Farm Aug 24, 1998
2:8 Escape From Oz Aug 31, 1998

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