A near-riot at the art gallery lands Bette, Dana, Shane, and Alice in the L.A. County Jail, which puts Bette in dangerous proximity to Candace when they share a cell together. Meanwhile, Kit meets Ivan, an auto mechanic and ultra-butch drag king whom she is strangely attracted to. Marina contemplates life without Francesca and begins to flirt with Robin, knowing that Robin has planned a date with Jenny. Jenny tries to write a story about manatees and attends the local aquarium for inspiration. There she meets an attractive marine biologist named Gene and asks him out. As Tim and Jenny discuss divorce, Shane's relationships spin out of control when Clea refuses to take no for an answer.

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The L Word Season 1

# Title Air Date
The L Word
1:1 Pilot Jan 18, 2004
1:2 Let's Do It Jan 25, 2004
1:3 Longing Feb 1, 2004
1:4 Lies, Lies, Lies Feb 8, 2004
1:5 Lawfully Feb 15, 2004
1:6 Losing It Feb 22, 2004
1:7 L'Ennui Feb 29, 2004
1:8 Listen Up Mar 7, 2004
1:9 Luck, Next Time Mar 14, 2004
1:10 Liberally Mar 21, 2004
1:11 Looking Back Mar 28, 2004
1:12 Locked Up Apr 4, 2004
1:13 Limb from Limb Apr 11, 2004