Bette faces serious personal and professional problems when the art gallery comes under attack for a radical exhibit and Tina buys expensive baby accessories without consulting her. As Dana starts to adjust to being out of the closet, fame (with complications) finds Shane when she gives a has-been actress, Cherie Jaffe (Rosanna Arquette), a new style, and the married actress makes a pass at her. Alice finds complications with Lisa and turns to another man named Andrew. Jenny has an unpleasant dinner with Marina and Francesca, who defend their open romance; Jenny leaves even more confused about whether she wants to be with Marina or with Tim. Kit begins to rehearse for Slim Daddy's music video.

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The L Word Season 1

# Title Air Date
The L Word
1:1 Pilot Jan 18, 2004
1:2 Let's Do It Jan 25, 2004
1:3 Longing Feb 1, 2004
1:4 Lies, Lies, Lies Feb 8, 2004
1:5 Lawfully Feb 15, 2004
1:6 Losing It Feb 22, 2004
1:7 L'Ennui Feb 29, 2004
1:8 Listen Up Mar 7, 2004
1:9 Luck, Next Time Mar 14, 2004
1:10 Liberally Mar 21, 2004
1:11 Looking Back Mar 28, 2004
1:12 Locked Up Apr 4, 2004
1:13 Limb from Limb Apr 11, 2004