Tim finally finds out about Jenny and Marina when he walks in on them. In a desperate attempt to hold on to him, Jenny tries making up with Tim; he tells her to prove her love by traveling to Lake Tahoe and marrying him immediately. Meanwhile, Dana is invited to a Subaru dinner party to sponsor her tennis career. She ends up hurting Lara when she takes Harrison, her (male) doubles tennis partner as a cover date. Bette and Tina have dinner with Bette's conservative father (Ossie Davis) where they announce Tina's pregnancy. Shane runs into an old friend, Clive, who is the personal assistant to Harry Sandchuk, a Hollywood bigwig who has come to see Shane's hairstyling work. Alice finally tells her mother to move out of her apartment.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

The L Word Season 1

# Title Air Date
The L Word
1:1 Pilot Jan 18, 2004
1:2 Let's Do It Jan 25, 2004
1:3 Longing Feb 1, 2004
1:4 Lies, Lies, Lies Feb 8, 2004
1:5 Lawfully Feb 15, 2004
1:6 Losing It Feb 22, 2004
1:7 L'Ennui Feb 29, 2004
1:8 Listen Up Mar 7, 2004
1:9 Luck, Next Time Mar 14, 2004
1:10 Liberally Mar 21, 2004
1:11 Looking Back Mar 28, 2004
1:12 Locked Up Apr 4, 2004
1:13 Limb from Limb Apr 11, 2004

performed by Avicii

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
Season:  8  / Episode:  13