Jenny's old college professor Nick (Julian Sands) (with whom she had a fling and whose opinion she values) shows up and tries to convince her that she's more complex than her latest work makes her out to be. Tim begins to suspect Jenny's infidelity. Meanwhile, Peggy Peabody prevents Bette from getting fired by storming into a meeting and announcing that she will lend the Provocations collection to the museum. Tina finally gets pregnant. Dana is ashamed about what happened on her first date with Lara. Alice learns that her vain and irresponsible actress mother, Lenore (Anne Archer), is not playing in high profile movies as she claims to be.

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The L Word Season 1

# Title Air Date
The L Word
1:1 Pilot Jan 18, 2004
1:2 Let's Do It Jan 25, 2004
1:3 Longing Feb 1, 2004
1:4 Lies, Lies, Lies Feb 8, 2004
1:5 Lawfully Feb 15, 2004
1:6 Losing It Feb 22, 2004
1:7 L'Ennui Feb 29, 2004
1:8 Listen Up Mar 7, 2004
1:9 Luck, Next Time Mar 14, 2004
1:10 Liberally Mar 21, 2004
1:11 Looking Back Mar 28, 2004
1:12 Locked Up Apr 4, 2004
1:13 Limb from Limb Apr 11, 2004