Melvin Porter's funeral service is held at The Planet. Mark videotapes the event which is attended by a surprise guest, Gloria Steinem, where Bette gets stunning news about her job when her boss fires her. Tina goes into a surprisingly difficult labor and is forced to go to the hospital as the situation gets more difficult... and dangerous. Jenny finally reaches her breaking point over her painful childhood memory. Alice continues to struggle with her jealousy over Dana being around Lara. Peggy Peabody arrives in Los Angeles and lays down the laws with Helena over her custody battle with Winnie for their two kids. Shane finally decides to try out a relationship with Carmen.

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The L Word Season 2

# Title Air Date
The L Word
2:1 Life, Loss, Leaving Feb 20, 2005
2:2 Lap Dance Feb 27, 2005
2:3 Lonliest Number Mar 6, 2005
2:4 Lynch Pin Mar 13, 2005
2:5 Labyrinth Mar 20, 2005
2:6 Lagrimas de Oro Mar 27, 2005
2:7 Luminous Apr 3, 2005
2:8 Loyal Apr 10, 2005
2:9 Late, Later, Latent Apr 17, 2005
2:10 Land Ahoy Apr 24, 2005
2:11 Loud and Proud May 1, 2005
2:12 L'Chaim May 8, 2005
2:13 Lacuna May 15, 2005


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
Season:  12  / Episode:  1 



performed by Pearl Jam