A heated argument over politics turns into passion for both the left-wing Alice and the right-wing Tasha. Shane and Paige grow closer leading them to consummate their romance. Kit has a public breakdown during a musical gig at the Planet where she exposes Angus over his infidelity. Bette introduces Tina to her new lover Jodi. Jenny brings her investment agents to the Planet for a night out. Elsewhere, Catherine draws Helena into her life of gambling. Max meets Grace, a computer researcher who is interested in upscaling Alice's 'Chart' website.

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The L Word Season 4

# Title Air Date
The L Word
4:1 Legend in the Making Jan 7, 2007
4:2 Livin' La Vida Loca Jan 14, 2007
4:3 Lassoed Jan 21, 2007
4:4 Layup Jan 28, 2007
4:5 Lez Girls Feb 4, 2007
4:6 Luck Be a Lady Feb 11, 2007
4:7 Lesson Number One Feb 18, 2007
4:8 Lexington & Concord Feb 25, 2007
4:9 Lacy Lilting Lyrics Mar 4, 2007
4:10 Little Boy Blue Mar 11, 2007
4:11 Literary License To Kill Mar 18, 2007
4:12 Long Time Coming Mar 25, 2007

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