Bette continues dating Nadia, her teaching assistant. Alice gets Helena a job of catering a party that Phyllis is holding at her house, where Alice decides to end their steamy affair after she meets Phyllis' husband Leonard. Alice also gets angry and upset by one of Jenny's short stories which gets published in a magazine. Tina catches Angus in a compromising position with her nanny Hazel. Bette also continues to grow closer to Jodi during Phyllis's party. Shane meets Paige Sobel (Kristanna Loken), a single mother whose son is Shay's classmate.

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The L Word Season 4

# Title Air Date
The L Word
4:1 Legend in the Making Jan 7, 2007
4:2 Livin' La Vida Loca Jan 14, 2007
4:3 Lassoed Jan 21, 2007
4:4 Layup Jan 28, 2007
4:5 Lez Girls Feb 4, 2007
4:6 Luck Be a Lady Feb 11, 2007
4:7 Lesson Number One Feb 18, 2007
4:8 Lexington & Concord Feb 25, 2007
4:9 Lacy Lilting Lyrics Mar 4, 2007
4:10 Little Boy Blue Mar 11, 2007
4:11 Literary License To Kill Mar 18, 2007
4:12 Long Time Coming Mar 25, 2007

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