Tina invites the girls over at hers and Henry's house for a party, where they do not bond well with her conservative new friends. Kit throws a Western-themed party at the Planet where Bette's boss, Phyllis, wants a part of the action. Both Shane and Papi take an instant dislike each other after they meet for the first time, while Phyllis has a different reaction after meeting Alice. A penniless Helena begins looking for a job in which Shane gives her one at WAX. Shane babysits for her 10-year-old half-brother, Shay, after he is abandoned by her father and step-mother. Angus gets some good news over a record deal, but his band later drops him. Bette's new teaching assistant, Nadia, begins having romantic feelings for her. A revenge-seeking Jenny tries to dig up dirt on Stacey who panned her book.

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The L Word Season 4

# Title Air Date
The L Word
4:1 Legend in the Making Jan 7, 2007
4:2 Livin' La Vida Loca Jan 14, 2007
4:3 Lassoed Jan 21, 2007
4:4 Layup Jan 28, 2007
4:5 Lez Girls Feb 4, 2007
4:6 Luck Be a Lady Feb 11, 2007
4:7 Lesson Number One Feb 18, 2007
4:8 Lexington & Concord Feb 25, 2007
4:9 Lacy Lilting Lyrics Mar 4, 2007
4:10 Little Boy Blue Mar 11, 2007
4:11 Literary License To Kill Mar 18, 2007
4:12 Long Time Coming Mar 25, 2007