Shane and Molly share a passionate and touching morning before meeting Molly's mother Phyllis and Joyce for breakfast. Phyllis asks Molly if she is taking the internship in Washington D.C. during the following summer that they once talked about; Molly replies that she will spend the summer surfing with Shane, who was unaware of the internship. Shane is later confronted by Phyllis who says that Shane is not worthy of Molly, especially in light of her past relationship failures, and she should break up with her to get it over with. Helena Peabody returns to Los Angeles to visit her mother in the hospital and is gifted by her family's wealth once again. On hearing of Kit's loss of The Planet while she was away, Helena brings a mighty tempting proposition to SheBar owner Cindi: the chance of escaping the evil Dawn's claws by giving them insider information, which will allow them to buy out SheBar's other investors. Cindi gladly accepts, and takes great pleasure in reasserting her identity - she's Cindi Tucker, not "my lover Cindi." Meanwhile, Alice almost kisses Clea Mason, but doesn't end up falling in temptation despite her continuing problems with Tasha. Elsewhere, Bette gives a kind and heartfelt speech at Jodi's art exhibition, but is humiliated by Jodi's new piece, which is about her and their breakup. Filming on Lez Girls finally wraps up, but the problems with post-production do not end as the distributors want the filmmakers to change the ending by having Jesse get back together with Jim. Tina soon clashes with both the producers and Adele, since they decide to make the change to make the movie less gay and more marketable. With her work on the movie finished, Niki wants to get back together with Jenny, who pushes her away for not having the nerve to stand up to Adele or the producers about their romance. William Halsey and the producers throw a celebration wrap party in the Hollywood Hills where everyone arrives full of glitz and glamour. At the party, Bette publicly reunites with Tina at last. The crafty and sneering sociopath Adele, gloating and reveling in her new Hollywood power and relationship with actress Begonia, gives what she thinks will be the closing speech at the party, only to be interrupted by Jenny who pushes her way into the party and sets the record straight by giving a powerful speech about her experiences on set, and also says how thankful she is for the rest of her friends' loyalty and trust. Ironically in that same moment, Niki and Shane are hooking up after flirting for much of the evening; Jenny walks in on them and angrily declares Shane's actions "the ultimate betrayal" and says that Shane has broken her heart.

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The L Word Season 5

# Title Air Date
The L Word
5:1 LGB Tease Jan 6, 2008
5:2 Look Out, Here They Come! Jan 13, 2008
5:3 Lady of the Lake Jan 20, 2008
5:4 Let's Get This Party Started Jan 27, 2008
5:5 Lookin' At You, Kid Feb 3, 2008
5:6 Lights! Camera! Action! Feb 10, 2008
5:7 Lesbians Gone Wild Feb 17, 2008
5:8 Lay Down the Law Feb 24, 2008
5:9 Liquid Heat Mar 2, 2008
5:10 Lifecycle Mar 9, 2008
5:11 Lunar Cycle Mar 16, 2008
5:12 Loyal and True Mar 23, 2008