Alice finds herself in a serious bind when she's called by Colonel Davis to testify on behalf of the U.S. Army against Tasha. Alice must decide whether to tell the truth about her romance with Tasha, or lie and risk facing charges of perjury. While testifying, Alice goes on the offensive and inadvertently strikes a nerve when she says that anyone, even Col. Davis, could be deemed gay by association. Col. Davis, fearful of Alice's new platform to out people on The Look, offers Tasha a deal in exchange for Alice's discretion. Tasha, however, chooses to unequivocally state her love for Alice, ending her military career. Meanwhile, Jenny continues her romance with Niki just as Niki's managers push into full-force damage control after photos of Niki's oil wrestling stint are posted in numerous tabloid magazines and internet sites. When one of Niki's movies opens, Tina and the producers ban Jenny from attending as Niki's date, and force Greg, the young male actor playing Jim, to accompany Niki to the premiere. Jenny asks Adele to sneak her into the theater, but the increasingly manipulative Adele instead uses her time inside without Jenny to network with many people about the movie. Across town, Bette and Tina's anguish over hiding their secret tryst begins to get to both of them emotionally as Jodi continues to slowly drift away from Bette, while Tina invites the Lez Girls cinematographer, Samantha, over for dinner at Jodi's house. Elsewhere, Molly continues to resent Phyllis' action concerning her divorce, and Shane tries to get Molly to see her mother in a more positive light.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

The L Word Season 5

# Title Air Date
The L Word
5:1 LGB Tease Jan 6, 2008
5:2 Look Out, Here They Come! Jan 13, 2008
5:3 Lady of the Lake Jan 20, 2008
5:4 Let's Get This Party Started Jan 27, 2008
5:5 Lookin' At You, Kid Feb 3, 2008
5:6 Lights! Camera! Action! Feb 10, 2008
5:7 Lesbians Gone Wild Feb 17, 2008
5:8 Lay Down the Law Feb 24, 2008
5:9 Liquid Heat Mar 2, 2008
5:10 Lifecycle Mar 9, 2008
5:11 Lunar Cycle Mar 16, 2008
5:12 Loyal and True Mar 23, 2008