In the series finale, a celebration of friendship ends in disaster. When Bette and Tina announce they will be moving to New York for good, Jenny decides to make a farewell video for them. But her cynical ways start to drive a further wedge between her and everyone else. Alice tells Tasha that if she wants to be with Jamie to go ahead, and if she doesn't come back in 24 hours, she'll know what choice Tasha made. Helena comes to the realization that she will never be able to truly trust Dylan, so she breaks up with her for good. Kit finally gets together with Sunset Boulevard, but she is still convinced that Bette was unfaithful when Jenny shows her a video she took of Bette and Kelly. Meanwhile, Shane has a run-in with Molly Kroll who tells her about the letter she left in Shane's jacket pocket. When Shane realizes that Jenny never told her about this, she looks for the jacket in the attic and finds it... along with the missing negatives for "Lez Girls." That night, events come full circle when all of the girls find themselves in a situation with the law. Sergeant Marybeth Duffy (Lucy Lawless) investigates Jenny's death when she is found floating face-down in Bette and Tina's swimming pool. Sgt. Duffy learns that all of them had a motive and opportunity to kill Jenny for her dark and amoral ways. Niki is also spotted lurking around both Bette's and Jenny's houses by the police after the discovery of the body. The series ends with all of the friends going to the police station to make their statements... and one of them will take the fall.

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6:3 LMFAO Feb 1, 2009
6:4 Leaving Los Angeles Feb 8, 2009
6:5 Litmus Test Feb 15, 2009
6:6 Lactose Intolerant Feb 22, 2009
6:7 Last Couple Standing Mar 1, 2009
6:8 Last Word Mar 8, 2009


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