Jenny throws a baby shower for a overwhelmed Max. But during the party, Jenny, being the nihilist person she is, spills the beans to Dylan about the girls hiring Niki to seduce her as a test to Helena's loyalty, which causes Dylan to get upset and Helena to go crazy. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina begin the adoption process when they discover from Joyce that Nevada's state law refuses to grant adoption to a non-married lesbian couple. Bette goes to her new art gallery opening-night celebration solo, putting her in the shark's tank with Kelly, while Tina flies to New York to work on a new movie project. Shane desires freedom from Jenny's clinginess, while Jamie begins to take a toll on Alice and Tasha's relationship. Shane almost cheats on Jenny with Niki who returns to the scene, but Shane comes down with food poisoning, in which she successfully avoids both sex with Niki and being discovered by Jenny. Elsewhere, Kit meets a handsome man at Kelly's new art gallery who tries to pick her up, but she doesn't respond well to his advances.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

The L Word Season 6

# Title Air Date
The L Word
6:1 Long Night's Journey Into Day Jan 18, 2009
6:2 Least Likely Jan 25, 2009
6:3 LMFAO Feb 1, 2009
6:4 Leaving Los Angeles Feb 8, 2009
6:5 Litmus Test Feb 15, 2009
6:6 Lactose Intolerant Feb 22, 2009
6:7 Last Couple Standing Mar 1, 2009
6:8 Last Word Mar 8, 2009