Alice and Jenny's friendship takes a hit when Alice finds out that Jenny's new script, is based on her "treatment" she had written earlier, is sold for $500,000 making Alice furious, but Jenny naturally denies doing anything wrong. While Bette and Tina continues to make business plans for the adoption, Jamie plays a third-wheel crush to Alice and Tasha. Despite arguments from the girls, Helena decides to go on a date with Dylan. But Alice, Shane, Kit and the rest of them decide to test Dylan's authenticity by asking Niki Stevens to bait Dylan at the Hit! club. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina have dinner with Kelly and her new boyfriend where Tina causes a scene at the restaurant when she sees her boss, Aaron, and William Hailsey having a dinner meeting that they didn't tell her about, and she accuses William of stealing the film negatives for 'Lez Girls' and framing her for it. Elsewhere, Jenny intrudes on Shane's personal rights who begins to grow irritated with her since Jenny reveals that she does not believe in boundaries... or morals.

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The L Word Season 6

# Title Air Date
The L Word
6:1 Long Night's Journey Into Day Jan 18, 2009
6:2 Least Likely Jan 25, 2009
6:3 LMFAO Feb 1, 2009
6:4 Leaving Los Angeles Feb 8, 2009
6:5 Litmus Test Feb 15, 2009
6:6 Lactose Intolerant Feb 22, 2009
6:7 Last Couple Standing Mar 1, 2009
6:8 Last Word Mar 8, 2009