The next number that the Machine dispenses belongs to Adam Saunders (Matt Lauria), a proprietary trader with the Wall Street investment firm Baylor Zimm. Adam is seemingly a high roller who likes to play big and win big... all with the company's money. Reese approaches Adam as an asset manager for Finch, and finds the factors in whatever incident will be happening are deeper than originally believed - Adam is having a clandestine relationship with one of the company's managing partners, Sydney Baylor (Noelle Beck), Adam is being interrogated by Inspector Doug Rasmussen (Scott Cohen) with the SEC, who seems to think that Adam and or Baylor Zimm as a company are involved in some securities illegalities, and the third is that Adam's uncle; Bob Sowoski (John Scurti), a food truck operator, has placed all his life savings into a shady company called Tritak, whose financial investment is increasing. Ultimately, it is established Adam is the target of Rasmussen and Paul Ashton (David Furr), a colleague of Adam's, who are using Tritak to defraud thousands of people out of tens of millions of dollars, as they are aware it will go bust due to a recently passed state legal bill that undercuts its business. Reese is able to protect Adam from assassins sent to kill him, Finch uses his unlimited funds to keep Tritak in operation and save all of the investor's money, and, exposed, Rasmussen and Ashton are arrested - however, only Ashton makes it to Carter's interrogation room, Rasmussen having apparently committed suicide. All parties involved realise Rasmussen and Ashton were working for - Carl Elias, who has returned.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
Season:  12  / Episode:  10 

performed by Lauren Daigle


Grey's Anatomy:
Season:  11  / Episode:  8 


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Season:  3  / Episode:  13 

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The Rescue


The Rescue
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