Riley Parks, a single mom from Texas, is left alone with her children after her husband Kyle leaves. In financial trouble and desperate for a job, Riley gets hired at a massage parlor called The Rub. It's not long before she discovers that The Rub has a client list concerning men who expect "extras". Faced with a tough decision, she decides that in order to protect her family, she must do what she has to do. Soon, Riley realizes that the job comes with many secrets and much danger; which is a risk she is going to have to take.

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The Client List Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Client List
1:1 The Rub of Sugarland Apr 8, 2012
1:2 Turn the Page Apr 15, 2012
1:3 Tough Love Apr 22, 2012
1:4 Ring True Apr 29, 2012
1:5 Try, Try Again May 6, 2012
1:6 The Cold Hard Truth May 13, 2012
1:7 Life of Riley May 20, 2012