Dan feels honored when he learns that Upright Citizen’s Brigade theater troupe is performing excerpts from his book, Inside. Meanwhile, Blair tries to prove Serena's suspicions about her feelings for Dan are wrong, in order to save their relationship. A jealous and vindictive Chuck maliciously plots to sabotage Dan's writing career. On her way out of town, Ivy Dickens ends up on a collision course with the Van der Woodsens and destiny as she continues to look after the cancer-stricken CeCe. Charlie/Lola continues to investigate Ivy's origins as well as keep what she is doing a secret from Nate and everyone else. Carol Rhodes also arrives back in New York after learning from Lily and Serena about Cece's medical turn for the worse. It is here at the hospital, that Ivy and Charlie run into each other once again, where this time Charlie finally reveals in front of the whole Van der Woodsen family that Ivy (whom they still know as Charlie) is an impostor. Carol, unable to lie any more, tells the truth about Ivy and all about their scheme. Blair admits to her feelings for Dan. At the end of the episode CeCe dies.

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Gossip Girl Season 5

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Gossip Girl
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5:3 The Jewel of Denial Oct 10, 2011
5:4 Memoirs of an Invisible Dan Oct 17, 2011
5:5 The Fasting and the Furious Oct 24, 2011
5:6 I Am Number Nine Nov 7, 2011
5:7 The Big Sleep No More Nov 14, 2011
5:8 All the Pretty Sources Nov 21, 2011
5:9 Rhodes to Perdition Nov 28, 2011
5:10 Riding in Town Cars with Boys Dec 5, 2011
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5:12 Father and the Bride Jan 23, 2012
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5:14 The Backup Dan Feb 6, 2012
5:15 Crazy Cupid Love Feb 13, 2012
5:16 Cross Rhodes Feb 20, 2012
5:17 The Princess Dowry Feb 27, 2012
5:18 Con Heir Apr 2, 2012
5:19 It Girl, Interrupted Apr 9, 2012
5:20 Salon of the Dead Apr 16, 2012
5:21 Despicable B Apr 23, 2012
5:22 Raiders of the Lost Art Apr 30, 2012
5:23 The Fugitives May 7, 2012
5:24 The Return of the Ring May 14, 2012

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