Jasmine and Crosby are wrapping up a hot and heavy session on the kitchen floor, and feeling pretty pleased with themselves. Crosby's just hatching a plan to hit every room in the house when he gets a text from Adam: pick up toner tomorrow. Adam tells Kristina how frustrated he is with Crosby - why does it take him so long to answer a text on a Sunday night at 10 p.m.? Missing Haddie, Kristina is online looking at puppies. They've always talked about getting a dog... and a dog would be a great companion for Max. One thing's for sure, Adam's definitely not up for getting a dog.

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performed by Lipps Inc.

This Song is referred to by Left Field part of Parenthood Season 4
Going through a dry spell, Adam and Kristina schedule a trip to "Funky Town" on their calendars. Crosby sees this and makes fun of Adam, including playing a short part of the chorus on his guitar.

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Parenthood Season 4

# Title Air Date
4:1 Family Portrait Sep 11, 2012
4:2 Left Field Sep 18, 2012
4:3 Everything is Not Okay Sep 25, 2012
4:4 The Talk Oct 2, 2012
4:5 There's Something I Need to Tell You... Oct 9, 2012
4:6 I'll Be Right Here Oct 23, 2012
4:7 Together Nov 13, 2012
4:8 One More Weekend With You Nov 20, 2012
4:9 You Can't Always Get What You Want Nov 27, 2012
4:10 Trouble in Candyland Dec 4, 2012
4:11 What to My Wondering Eyes Dec 11, 2012
4:12 Keep On Rowing Jan 1, 2013
4:13 Small Victories Jan 8, 2013
4:14 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Jan 15, 2013
4:15 Because You're My Sister Jan 22, 2013