Miami Metro starts investigating Hannah McKay, Wayne Randall's former partner in crime. Dexter informs Debra that Ray Speltzer, a suspect in two murders, is most likely going to kill again. In his search for Viktor Baskov, Isaak learns, through a tracking device carried by Baskov, that Baskov's last location was on Dexter's boat. Isaak finds Louis on Dexter's boat and shoots him after Louis reveals that the boat is owned by Dexter. As Speltzer prepares to kill another victim, Debra surveils him but has to get involved when Speltzer traps his victim in a Minotauran labyrinth. Dexter saves Debra, but Speltzer escapes.

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Dexter Season 7

# Title Air Date
7:1 Are You...? Sep 30, 2012
7:2 Sunshine and Frosty Swirl Oct 7, 2012
7:3 Buck the System Oct 14, 2012
7:4 Run Oct 21, 2012
7:5 Swim Deep Oct 28, 2012
7:6 Do the Wrong Thing Nov 4, 2012
7:7 Chemistry Nov 11, 2012
7:8 Argentina Nov 18, 2012
7:9 Helter Skelter Nov 25, 2012
7:10 The Dark...Whatever Dec 2, 2012
7:11 Do You See What I See Dec 9, 2012
7:12 Surprise, Motherfucker! Dec 16, 2012

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