Nancy, Andy, and Silas return to Agrestic, now rebuilt & renamed "Regrestic". Nancy meets up with Conrad to see if he would grow MILF weed for her again but trouble comes when she finds out that Guillermo is out of prison and in charge again. Silas runs into Megan and comes clean about poking holes in his condoms so she would get pregnant; the two make up and get back together. Andy goes looking for Yael, who does not remember him. Meanwhile, Shane is arrested for car theft, which turns out to be a setup by Ouellette to test his loyalty, and Doug decides to start a religious cult. Andy announces to Nancy that he had made the decision to leave her for good; the two experience a passionate sexual encounter at the same spot where Judah had his heart attack, and despite Nancy's tearful pleas, Andy leaves.

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Weeds Season 8

# Title Air Date
8:1 Messy Jul 1, 2012
8:2 A Beam of Sunshine Jul 8, 2012
8:3 See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die Jul 15, 2012
8:4 Only Judy Can Judge Jul 20, 2012
8:5 Red in Tooth and Claw Jul 29, 2012
8:6 Allosaurus Crush Castle Aug 5, 2012
8:7 Unfreeze Aug 12, 2012
8:8 Five Miles From Yetzer Hara Aug 19, 2012
8:9 Saplings Aug 26, 2012
8:10 Threshold Sep 2, 2012
8:11 God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise Sep 9, 2012
8:12 It's Time (Part 1) Sep 16, 2012
8:13 It's Time (Part 2) Sep 16, 2012

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