In the series premiere, an American family struggles to reunite in a world devoid of electricity for fifteen years. After a tragic attack by the Monroe Militia seeking her father, Charlie, Aaron and Maggie start their journey to Chicago in search of her uncle Miles who they hope he will help rescue her asthmatic brother Danny, who's been taken by Captain Neville from General Monroe's militia. Along they way they meet Nate, an archer who helps them out of trouble. Upon reaching Chicago they find that The Grand has been converted to a tavern owned by Miles. Following an altercation with the militia the group sets off to find Danny. Meanwhile, Danny escapes and meets Grace who is later shown using a pendent similar to Ben's which he gave to Aaron to power a computer and communicate with an unknown party.

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Revolution Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot Sep 17, 2012
1:2 Chained Heat Sep 24, 2012
1:3 No Quarter Oct 1, 2012
1:4 The Plague Dogs Oct 8, 2012
1:5 Soul Train Oct 15, 2012
1:6 Sex and Drugs Oct 29, 2012
1:7 The Children's Crusade Nov 5, 2012
1:8 Ties That Bind Nov 12, 2012
1:9 Kashmir Nov 19, 2012
1:10 Nobody's Fault But Mine Nov 26, 2012
1:11 The Stand Mar 25, 2013
1:12 Ghosts Apr 1, 2013
1:13 The Song Remains the Same Apr 8, 2013

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