Grace Devlin is a surgeon who made a deal with Moretti to save her brother. A deal that she would pay off her brother's debt, work it off, or do whatever she would have to do to save her brother's life, but she never knew the deal would include murder. She doesn't find out until Moretti orders her to kill a man who is in witness protection and requires surgery. With Moretti angry at her for not killing the man and in pursuit, fearing for her life, she flees to Constantine, an old-time paroled 'retired' mobster, who kills Moretti . Constantine tells her that he was plotting to come out of retirement and that she needs to leave Chicago because she knows too much and if any Moretti's loyal men may find out what happened then vendetta, but if she stays he'll try to protect her, however, her debt to Moretti transfers to him. There is a suggestion that Constantine killed Grace's father, who was an abusive drunk.

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The Mob Doctor Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Mob Doctor
1:1 Pilot Sep 17, 2012
1:2 Family Secrets Sep 24, 2012
1:3 Protect and Serve Oct 1, 2012
1:4 Change of Heart Oct 8, 2012
1:5 Legacy Nov 5, 2012
1:6 Complications Nov 12, 2012
1:7 Turf War Nov 19, 2012
1:8 Game Changers Nov 26, 2012
1:9 Fluid Dynamics Dec 3, 2012
1:10 Confessions Dec 29, 2012
1:11 Sibling Rivalry Dec 31, 2012
1:12 Resurrection Jan 5, 2013
1:13 Life and Death Jan 7, 2013

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