Jax's sovereignty has a shaky start after the One-Niners attack one of SAMCRO's gun shipments. Gemma makes a new ally during a night of drinking. An irritated Tara has trouble ascending to her role as queen and mother. Clay attempts to get into the club's good graces by revealing part of the truth about Piney's death. Damon Pope and his crew exact appalling revenge on Tig. Opie rebuffs Jax's offer to sit at the table. A series of home invasions rock Charming, and an unsuspecting Unser in particular.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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The Amazing Spider-Man

This Comic Book Series is referred to by Sovereign part of Sons of Anarchy Season 5
August tells the new gang leader that "with great power comes great responsibility" to which he replies, "I ain't no Spider-Man".
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Sons of Anarchy Season 5

# Title Air Date
Sons of Anarchy
5:1 Sovereign Sep 11, 2012
5:2 Authority Vested Sep 18, 2012
5:3 Laying Pipe Sep 25, 2012
5:4 Stolen Huffy Oct 2, 2012
5:5 Orca Shrugged Oct 9, 2012
5:6 Small World Oct 16, 2012
5:7 Toad's Wild Ride Oct 23, 2012
5:8 Ablation Oct 30, 2012
5:9 Andare Pescare Nov 6, 2012
5:10 Crucifixed Nov 13, 2012
5:11 To Thine Own Self Nov 20, 2012
5:12 Darthy Nov 27, 2012
5:13 J'ai Obtenu Cette Dec 4, 2012