Rick talks to unknown survivors on the phone. The survivors claim to be in a safe place, away from all the walkers. Rick talks to Hershel about the phone call. Unfortunately, the survivors from the phone call are those of the dead, including Amy, Jim, Jacqui, and Lori. Rick accepts Lori's death and rejoins the group. Against all odds, Daryl finds Carol, alive. At Woodbury, Andrea volunteers for sentry duty. She talks to a girl named Haley while protecting the wall. A walker appears, and when Haley fails to kill the walker with her bow and arrow, Andrea jumps down from the wall and kills the walker with her knife. She later confesses to the Governor that she enjoyed the fights, and she and the Governor begin an affair. Merle and three other men, Tim, Crowley, and Gargulio, hunt Michonne, but she ambushes them, killing Tim and Crowley immediately. They are ambushed by walkers, but Merle is able to shoot her in the leg as she runs off. Convinced Michonne is as good as dead, Merle wants to return to Woodbury, but Gargulio wants to pursue her. They argue, and Merle kills the young man for disagreeing. Michonne manages to survive by being covered in walker intestines from the earlier fight and is left alone by the walkers. Michonne flees to a nearby town where she sees Glenn and Maggie arrive for supplies. Merle arrives and, after talking with them, captures Glenn and Maggie and takes them to Woodbury to interrogate them about the location of their group. Michonne takes the supplies and makes her way to the prison. While Rick watches the prison fences, he sees Michonne and goes to investigate.

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The Walking Dead Season 3

# Title Air Date
The Walking Dead
3:1 Seed Oct 14, 2012
3:2 Sick Oct 21, 2012
3:3 Walk with Me Oct 28, 2012
3:4 Killer Within Nov 4, 2012
3:5 Say the Word Nov 11, 2012
3:6 Hounded Nov 18, 2012
3:7 When the Dead Come Knocking Nov 25, 2012
3:8 Made to Suffer Dec 2, 2012
3:9 The Suicide King Feb 10, 2013
3:10 Home Feb 17, 2013
3:11 I Ain't a Judas Feb 24, 2013
3:12 Clear Mar 3, 2013
3:13 Arrow on the Doorpost Mar 10, 2013
3:14 Prey Mar 17, 2013
3:15 This Sorrowful Life Mar 24, 2013
3:16 Welcome to the Tombs Mar 31, 2013

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