The Governor hosts a picnic party for the Woodbury residents, which Andrea enjoys. Michonne breaks into The Governor's house to recover her sword, which he'd been displaying in a curio. She overhears a conversation between the Governor, his assistant Milton, and Merle, which leads her to discover a half-dozen captive walkers. She goes and kills all the walkers. The Governor meets with Michonne after this incident and asks her to stay in Woodbury. In response, she takes her sword and threatens the Governor by putting it up to his neck. Michonne and Andrea are ready to leave when Andrea finally expresses that she can't take another eight months on the outside in fear for her life. She tries to convince Michonne to stay, but Michonne decides to leave on her own. That night at a raucous gathering, Andrea is disturbed to witness that defanged walkers are used for spectacle entertainment in staged fights to raise morale. Back at the prison, everyone is grieving their losses. Rick abandons his parental duties to kill walkers in a rage, so Daryl steps up as leader and takes Maggie on a scavenger run to obtain needed infant formula and supplies for the as-yet-unnamed newborn. They succeed, and Glenn, Axel, and Oscar dig graves for Lori, Carol, and T-Dog. The episode closes with Rick in the boiler room where Lori died, awakened from a daze by the ringing of an old rotary telephone, which he answers.

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