Audrey gets a promotion, but when she tells Jeff, he doesn't seem excited about it, because the Knicks lost a game. Jeff invites her to another game to make things right. Meanwhile, Adam buys a new videogame, and he and Russell can't stop playing it, until Jennifer discuss with Adam about him spending a lot on stuff for himself.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Rules of Engagement Season 1

# Title Air Date
Rules of Engagement
1:1 Pilot Feb 5, 2007
1:2 The Birthday Deal Feb 12, 2007
1:3 Young and the Restless Feb 19, 2007
1:4 Game On Feb 26, 2007
1:5 Kids Mar 5, 2007
1:6 Hard Day's Night Mar 12, 2007
1:7 Jeff's Wooby Mar 19, 2007


Season:  3  / Episode:  4 
Game On


Nurse Jackie:
Season:  3  / Episode:  1 
Game On

Game On
performed by CJ Ryan

Game On
performed by Siberia