fresh out of med school, believes that her life is pretty much on track – until she gets to the hospital of her dreams, only to find out that her high school arch-enemy is also there who is bent on continuing to make Emily's life miserable. On Emily's first day, she gets a teenage patient who thinks her fainting was caused by a crush on a boy. However, she turns out to have cardiac tamponade, forcing Emily to perform an intense medical procedure on her first day. Afterward, Emily confesses her romantic feelings to her long time crush, Will, only to be shut down. Later she finds out that he is interested in Cassandra, her nemesis, who has an agenda to push and shove to climb up the hospital ranks. Emily befriends fellow intern Tyra, who is the daughter of the chief of surgery as well as her surgical resident Dr. Micah Barnes, but gets on the no-nonsense Dr. Gina Bandari's bad side after she loses her pager.

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Emily Owens, M.D. Season 1

# Title Air Date
Emily Owens, M.D.
1:1 Pilot Oct 16, 2012
1:2 Emily and...the Alan Zolman Incident Oct 23, 2012
1:3 Emily and...the Outbreak Oct 30, 2012
1:4 Emily and...the Predator Nov 13, 2012
1:5 Emily and...the Tell-Tale Heart Nov 20, 2012
1:7 Emily and... the Good and the Bad Dec 4, 2012
1:9 Emily and... The Love of Larping Jan 8, 2013

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