Fiona and Jimmy try to get the kids back after they are taken away by child protective services, even going so far as to attempt to track Monica down and to ask Veronica and Kev to apply to foster them. She ultimately gets Frank to agree to clean up and petition for their return. Fiona quits her job at the grocery store when the manager won't let her off to go find the kids. Frank gets Sheila to pose as Monica since the petition for custody requires signatures from both parents. Frank and Sheila must attend a parenting class in order to get the kids back; Sheila hopes that the class might help her understand why Karen ran away. Meanwhile Veronica and Kev continue their quest to have a baby. Veronica convinces Kev to have sex with her mother, as the artificial insemination was not working. Mickey's dad finds Ian and Mickey in a sexual position; he beats them both and then calls a prostitute to have sex with Mickey, forcing Ian to watch. At the end of the episode, Fiona finds out that Frank was the one who called child protective services.

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