A city employee notifies Fiona that the city will be doing sewer line work in the backyard, this is a problem because Aunt Ginger is buried somewhere in the backyard. Fiona makes Frank look for the body before the city digs up the yard. Fiona also deals with the animosity of her co-workers over not giving in to the sexual advances of the boss when all the rest of them do. Jimmy still struggles to deal with his father's true sexuality; he goes to Estefania for emotional support after getting into an argument with Fiona. Ian tries to avoid Lloyd (Jimmy's Dad) but Lloyd asks him to rob his house to get back certain things he wants, telling Ian he can keep whatever else he wants; Ian recruits Mickey and his cousins for the job. Veronica and Kev find out Veronica is infertile and approach her mother about being a surrogate. Lip has second thoughts about his relationship with Mandy. Carl returns from cancer camp and Debbie gets bullied at the local pool. Sheila starts to regret the path she's started down by using her fetish toys with Jody. She takes in a terminally ill nun who has taken a vow of silence, so Sheila feels safe confiding in her about her deviant behavior. The nun blogs about Sheila's behavior using her iPad. The Gallaghers get a visit by child protective services.

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Shameless Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 El Gran Canon Jan 13, 2013
3:2 The American Dream Jan 20, 2013
3:3 May I Trim Your Hedges? Jan 27, 2013
3:4 The Helpful Gallaghers Feb 10, 2013
3:5 The Sins of My Caretaker Feb 17, 2013
3:6 Cascading Failures Feb 24, 2013
3:7 A Long Way From Home Mar 3, 2013
3:8 Where There's A Will Mar 10, 2013
3:9 Frank the Plumber Mar 17, 2013
3:10 Civil Wrongs Mar 24, 2013
3:11 Order Room Service Mar 31, 2013
3:12 Survival of the Fittest Apr 7, 2013

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