Mandy receives a call from her younger half-sister Molly whose mother has apparently just died. Lip convinces Mandy to retrieve Molly in Milwaukee to save her from the foster care system. (Molly is actually a boy, but was raised as a girl, which she doesn't understand.) Carl heads off to cancer camp, where restrictions on the camp's activities frustrate the kids. Debbie works on holding her breath longer underwater. A distraught Sheila asks Frank for advice on getting Jody to agree to use her fetish toys. Fiona gathers a group of co-workers to discuss the boss's sexual advances towards them. Jimmy pitches in the Gallagher Squirrel fund, then meets his father for a drink and learns he was kicked out and is getting a divorce from his mother. He also finds out his father's true sexuality after he brings him to the Gallagher's house, where Lloyd gets in bed with Lip whom he mistakes for Ian; Ian then finally reveals his relationship with him. Veronica and Kevin try having a baby.

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Shameless Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 El Gran Canon Jan 13, 2013
3:2 The American Dream Jan 20, 2013
3:3 May I Trim Your Hedges? Jan 27, 2013
3:4 The Helpful Gallaghers Feb 10, 2013
3:5 The Sins of My Caretaker Feb 17, 2013
3:6 Cascading Failures Feb 24, 2013
3:7 A Long Way From Home Mar 3, 2013
3:8 Where There's A Will Mar 10, 2013
3:9 Frank the Plumber Mar 17, 2013
3:10 Civil Wrongs Mar 24, 2013
3:11 Order Room Service Mar 31, 2013
3:12 Survival of the Fittest Apr 7, 2013

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