Fiona faces new challenges as a party promoter in the same club where she worked as a waitress; she ends up losing $100 for the night, which is good for a first time, but she only did that well because Lip tricked rich kids into coming there for a concert that didn't exist. Estefania's father has assigned Beto to watch over Jimmy's every move, causing Jimmy frustration. Lip's teachers and Mandy try getting Lip to prepare his resumé and application for college but he just continues to serve community service and hustle money to pay the house taxes. Frank staggers home and clashes with the rest of the Gallaghers due to his drunken antics; after trying to take care of Frank, showing him kindness and love, Debbie finally has enough of Frank's bad behavior, hitting him with a homemade weapon. Ian deals with the return of Mickey and tries to figure out if they're in a relationship. Veronica gets a surprise at her door in the form of Kev's wife. Sheila and Jody struggle to adjust to parental life with baby Hymie; they have Debbie babysit and even let Frank stay because he seems to quiet Hymie.

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